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It is important to consider that one of the most important factors affecting the cost of delivering goods from China is the chosen mode of transport, as well as the presence of special conditions (urgency, the need to maintain a special temperature regime, etc.).

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How is the calculation of the delivery of goods from China?

The CargoBing website shows approximate rates for cargo transportation by various modes of transport and different volumes. At the same time, you can always contact the company's managers, who within 10 minutes will provide more accurate information regarding the cost of shipping goods from China. The main factors affecting the final price are:
  1. The selected type of cargo transportation is container, team, cargo, etc.
  2. How goods will be delivered from China (air, sea, rail, road, combined) and the types of transport involved.
  3. The volume of the consignment.
  4. Additional services.
  5. Features of the transported products, for example, the delivery of oversized cargo from China, involves the use of special equipment, escort vehicles and additional coordination of the route and time of movement. The same requirements apply to the transport of dangerous goods.
Also, the price for the delivery of goods from China to Russia depends on the presence of additional requirements, in particular, compliance with certain temperature conditions and humidity during transportation, urgency, and others. Therefore, it is desirable that all these nuances be taken into account by a transport company in China, since if all these issues are resolved independently, the process can take a lot of time, effort and require significant financial costs.
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Features of the organization of cargo transportation from China to the Russian Federation
The current economic and political situation dictates its own conditions to Russian businessmen, which require quick decision-making and reorientation to other suppliers of a wide variety of goods. Therefore, many entrepreneurs today are trying to establish partnerships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of clothing, equipment, spare parts, building materials and other products as soon as possible. This led to a noticeable increase in purchase volumes and an increase in demand for cargo delivery services from China to Russia.
Due to its geographical location, the delivery of goods from China to Russia can be carried out by any type of transport:
  • Sea - is considered the most profitable, but is not suitable for some types of cargo and takes a lot of time;
  • Railway - the best choice for the transportation of large consignments of goods, oversized especially heavy goods, such as turbines, industrial equipment, and so on;
  • Truck - more suitable for internal logistics and cargo transportation over relatively short and medium distances;
  • Air - the fastest delivery from China, but also requires a lot of money, is mainly used for the transportation of urgent, especially valuable, perishable and general cargo.
For those who are just starting to work with Chinese suppliers, or increasing the volume of purchases, it can be very difficult to decide how best to organize the process of cargo transportation from China to Russia. The easiest way is to immediately contact the large transport company CargoBing, which has been successfully operating in the field of international cargo transportation for more than 6 years.

What are the advantages of cooperation with a transport company from China
Logistics from China to Russia is a rather complicated process that requires a clear coordination of the interaction of all its participants, as well as knowledge of the norms and requirements of the legislation of those countries through which the products will be transported.
CargoBing employees have extensive practical experience in this area, and they know all the nuances of the domestic market and the peculiarities of interaction between buyers and product suppliers. The company has its own fleet of vehicles and a database of reliable and trusted manufacturers and provides a wide range of additional services:
  • Temporary storage of cargo at our own warehouse complexes in China;
  • Consolidation of cargo and its processing - loading, unloading, packaging, marking, specification, quality control and configuration, and others;
  • Registration of all necessary documentation, including customs;
  • Redemption of the entire batch of products;
  • Assistance in conducting financial transactions;
  • Property insurance;
  • Accompanying foreign economic activity;
  • Assistance in finding a supplier and checking its reliability.
In addition, the company's employees assist in negotiations or can represent the interests of the customer during them, organize trips for representatives of Russian business to international exhibitions and fairs held annually in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and many others, where they can directly meet manufacturers and conclude contracts.
Such a wide range of services rendered allows for the delivery of goods from China to Moscow, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation as quickly as possible, at an affordable price and with a guarantee of the safety and integrity of the goods.

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