Storage and consolidation of cargo in China

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A huge number of goods are sent from China to Russian Federation every day. Freight transportation services are ordered by large industrial enterprises, agricultural holdings, trading companies, as well as representatives of medium and small businesses. The profitability of the entire enterprise largely depends on the correct organization of international logistics. Therefore, it is very important to trust specialized companies that have experience in international cargo transportation, know the peculiarities of the domestic market and the peculiarities of legislation in different countries in this area of ​ ​ activity. In China, one of the largest logistics companies is CargoBing, which delivers any cargo from China to Russian Federation by all means of transport. In addition, you can order a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing this process. Storage and consolidation of goods in China is one of the stages of the logistics chain for the delivery of goods to Russia.

What is consolidation and when the service is required

Consolidation in China is a service for the formation of individual batches of products into one common, followed by shipment and shipment to the customer. This makes it possible to reduce the cost of cargo transportation and deliver products in the optimal time. At the same time, the goods are stored in a warehouse in China until they are shipped. CargoBing has its own warehouse complexes with a total area of ​over 45000 m2. Therefore, storage and consolidation rates are much lower than competitors, since we work without intermediaries.
storage building
Combining 2 or more small batches of products from different manufacturers into one more volumetric one allows the most rational use of the useful space of the vehicle (railway, container, truck, etc.), and thereby reduce logistics costs by dividing the total amount among all owners of the transported goods, depending on the volume and weight (gross) of each batch of goods. Consolidation is often used for an organization:
  • Temporary placement and responsible storage of products in China until it is sent to the customer;
  • Regular and relatively frequent cargo transportation of small-sized products (the volume of which is significantly less than the volume of a standard container);s
  • Delivery of groupage cargo from China to Moscow;
  • Consolidating products produced at different plants in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Zhongshan, Chongqing and other major industrial cities into a combined common shipment;
  • Inspection of the quality of the goods and, if necessary, certification;
  • Packing, labeling and volume and mass measurements prior to shipment.
CargoBing provides services for the long-term responsible storage of various cargoes at preferential tariffs in its own consolidation warehouse in China. The item can be located in warehouse complexes until the required quantity is collected for shipment and shipment to the recipient. Transportation can be carried out by any chosen mode of transport - truck, plane, ship, railway. Also, the company's specialists organize multimodal deliveries of cargo from China to Russian Federation.

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Consolidation and storage of cargo in the company's own warehouse

The availability of own storage space makes cooperation with CargoBing logistics company even more convenient and profitable. Among the main advantages are:
  • The widest range of additional services, including supplier search, storage, inspection, certification, packaging, labeling, product weighing;
  • Arrangement of turnkey delivery;
  • Clear interaction with process participants at all stages;
  • Strict control of work processes;
  • Full material liability;
  • Balanced and transparent pricing system;
  • Complete documentary support, in accordance with accepted codes and standards;
  • Preferential tariffs.

Why us?

  • Responsibility
    We bear full financial responsibility and guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and without any loss.
  • Own warehouses
    We have 47,000 m2 of storage space. And we can consolidate any cargo in large volumes
  • Price
    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors.
Thanks to the above factors, cargo storage and consolidation in China with CargoBing allows you to organize the delivery of any cargo at the most favorable prices and at the optimal time for the customer. To do this, the company's employees will help you find a reliable supplier of goods, negotiate with him, transport the products to their warehouse, check their quality, pack it, certify it, select a suitable transportation option, issue accompanying documentation and send the goods. At the same time, its movement is constantly tracked until the cargo is transferred to the recipient, in full integrity and safety.

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