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We are a Chinese logistics company and work without intermediaries. Own warehouses 47000m2. Storage and consolidation at the best price. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong!
The volume of cargo transportation from China to Russian Federation is steadily growing every year. This is due to an increase in import and export operations between countries. One of the priority activities of the logistics company CargoBing is the organization of delivery of a wide range of goods from China to Russian Federation by various modes of transport - sea, road, air, railway. An important element of the supply chain is warehouse services, which include responsible storage of products, quality control, packaging and a number of other works.

CargoBing - Your Warehouse Intermediary in China

The ability to place and store cargo the necessary time in the territory of its own warehouse complexes allows you to optimize logistics processes. This approach has many advantages:
  • Collection and handling of cargo in one place from different manufacturers and suppliers from different regions and provinces of the country;
  • Consolidation of products before shipment to reduce transportation costs;
  • The ability to store goods transported for a long time at preferential rates;
  • Processing of goods - packaging in accordance with accepted standards, marking, certification, verification of equipment and quality, weighing and measurement of volume;
  • Exchange or return upon detection of defective goods;
  • Loading and sending to the recipient.
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CargoBing has more than 45000 m2 of warehouse space equipped with all the necessary equipment for responsible storage of various types of products, as well as special equipment for handling operations. The consolidation warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and other major industrial centers in China allows you to organize a full cycle of cargo transportation on the most favorable terms. This is achieved due to the ability to form consignments of goods in the regions of their production, as well as to provide a wide range of services for their storage and processing, compliance with all the norms provided for for different product groups.

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  • Responsibility
    We bear full financial responsibility and guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and without any loss.
  • Own warehouses
    We have 47,000 m2 of storage space. And we can consolidate any cargo in large volumes
  • Price
    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors.
The company has been successfully operating in the field of international logistics for a long time (since 2015), and at the moment continues to actively develop, introducing advanced technologies. Over the years of its activity, CargoBing employees have worked out their own interaction schemes between participants in the cargo transportation process, which allows us to optimize it as much as possible and make it more affordable. At the same time, the level of service is constantly increasing, and the list of services provided is increasing, which makes it possible to solve the most complex and non-standard tasks in the shortest time and without additional financial costs.

Advantages of warehouse services from CargoBing

The company has been working in the field of logistics services since 2015 and during this time has managed to work out its own effective schemes for interaction with the client. A well-developed material and technical base and close partnerships with major manufacturers and suppliers of goods in China and India make it possible to provide the widest range of logistics services. An important role in this is occupied by its own consolidation warehouse in China, which makes it possible to simplify the process of collecting and processing products as much as possible, which is especially important for prefabricated goods. The advantages of cooperation with CargoBing logistics company are the following factors:
  • Democratic prices;
  • Accurate compliance with the terms of the contract;
  • Material liability;
  • Complete services for cargo storage and handling in China and delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sakhalin, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and any other city and settlement of Russian Federation;
  • A wide range of additional services - insurance, certification, packaging, labeling, weighing of goods, customs clearance, search for a supplier, support of foreign economic activity, redemption of the entire batch of goods and others;
  • Step-by-step control of the entire process;
  • Selection of the most suitable mode of transport and method of delivery;
  • Development of the route, taking into account the specifics of the cargo, its dimensions and weight, weather conditions, the urgency of the order and the presence of special conditions that must be observed during transportation;
  • High level of service.
Consolidation warehouse in China from CargoBing allows you to provide a full cycle of logistics services, and organize the process of collecting and delivering goods with a guarantee of quality and safety, at favorable price and at precisely indicated times, including prefabricated cargo. Another important point is the large staff of highly qualified employees (870 experienced specialists) who are able to solve the most difficult and extraordinary tasks. Due to the above factors, cargo delivery from China to Russian Federation with CargoBing is as convenient, reliable and safe as possible.

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