Certification of goods from China

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China is the largest supplier of various products to Russian Federation, and the volume of supplies is significantly increasing every year. CargoBing carries out cargo transportation to more than 50 countries on different continents. Delivery of goods from China to Russia "turnkey" is one of the priority areas of the logistics company. One of the most important points in this process is the certification of goods from China, since this is a prerequisite for the import of many types of products into the Russian Federation and their further sale.

How to get a document

Importers of goods from China, being participants in foreign economic activity, are obliged to document the safety of the cargo, its quality and compliance with vehicle standards. Therefore, for their legal import into Russia, certification of products from China is needed. These conditions are spelled out in Federal Laws and are provided for by international quality standards, national state standard specification and technical regulations. The presence of such a document is an official confirmation that the cargo is safe for the consumer, the environment and fully complies with operational, sanitary, environmental and other standards that are provided for by Russian law.
Certification in China requires special knowledge, so CargoBing is engaged in the execution of such documents and permits by highly qualified specialists with legal education and who know the features of the Chinese market from the inside.
Certification of goods from China

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Quality Certificate Milestones

The document is issued by an accredited certification center in China.
Certification of equipment from China, as well as other goods, is carried out in stages.
  1. Convert an importer or supplier and submit a claim. At this stage, counseling is also carried out by the center staff.
  2. Collection, submission and processing of the documentation package.
  3. Notification of the applicant of the decision to carry out or refuse certification.
  4. Selection of required tests and method of confirmation.
  5. Selection by experts for a series of tests of samples of imported products.
  6. Performance of tests. It is carried out in a laboratory with accreditation.
  7. Complete the protocol after the successful completion of a series of laboratory checks. One copy is transferred to the quality certificate issuing center, and the second to the applicant.
  8. Execution, registration and issuance of the document.
The time of the procedure, in each case, may differ, depending on the nature of the cargo, the volume and weight of the goods, the complexity of laboratory tests, whether field events are required, as well as the availability of previously issued certificates, and averages 3-14 days.

Important - if the certification organization does not have accreditation, then the issued document has no legal force and does not give the right to legal import of cargo.

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What information is contained in the compliance certificate

This document contains the following information:
  • Details of the certification authority;
  • Supplier data;
  • Manufacturer's details, with mandatory indication of actual and legal address;
  • The name of the product and the marking used;
  • Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity code;
  • The name of the document for compliance with the standards of which tests are carried out;
  • Details of the laboratory inspection protocol;
  • Laboratory data and confirmation of accreditation;
  • Information about the product - scope of supply, batch number, batch, etc.;
  • Additional information, such as transportation, storage and other conditions.
What documents are required
Certification of medical devices from China imported into Russian Federation requires the preparation and collection of a specific documentation package. It includes:
  • Copies of constituent documents of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, indicating the details of the applicant;
  • Manufacturer data;
  • Copies of official contracts;
  • Technical description, which shall specify the full name, purpose, composition and components, storage, transportation and disposal conditions, and shelf life;
  • Packing information;
  • Technical passport and operating instructions.
It is important that additional documents are required for certain types of cargo - ozone conclusion, FSB notification, phytosanitary certificate and some others.

Certification of products from China is also required when the previous document expires. This also applies to the certification of children's products from China and other types of products for which the validity of the certificate of conformity is limited. It's usually one to five years.
In addition, certain types of products do not require the mandatory receipt of this document, for example, this is the certification of bags from China. At the same time, the importer can issue a voluntary IC, the presence of which can significantly increase the competitiveness of the product and increase the confidence of buyers in the products sold. This is due to the fact that most consumers prefer to buy certified products.
Certification of clothing from China and any other goods supplied to Russian Federation with CargoBing is carried out completely legally, as quickly as possible, reliably and at affordable tariffs.

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