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Cooperation with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of goods attracts Russian entrepreneurs with a wide variety of assortments and affordable prices. Every year the number of products imported from China to the Russian Federation is significantly increasing. But at the same time, not everyone who wants to buy various products in China manages to do it on their own. This is explained by several reasons at once - ignorance of the specifics of the Chinese market, the language barrier, the inability to quickly negotiate and conduct business correspondence. All this interferes with the search for reliable partners and counterparties. You can solve these problems by contacting the Chinese logistics company CargoBing, and order a service to buy goods from China, followed by delivery to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg or any other settlement in Russian Federation.

How the service is provided

In China, a large number of major international exhibitions are held every month, for example, "Recreation Goods," "Water Transport," "Fibers and Yarns," "Licensing," "Construction and Finishing Materials," "Industrial Equipment" and many others. The main places for their holding are exhibition sites in major industrial and business centers of the country - Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and so on. CargoBing employees, having received a task from the customer, search and buy the goods in China, as well as transport them to the recipient. This is done directly at the factories where the goods are produced, on large trading floors, visiting various thematic exhibitions, and concluding contracts for the supply of products, collaborating with proven suppliers.
Redemption of goods in China

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Main stages of the purchase of goods from the Chinese seller

Our qualified specialists, depending on the tasks set:
  • Check the quality of products;
  • Compliance with description and technical characteristics;
  • Check the number and completeness, as well as the reliability of the package;
  • Draw up the necessary documentation;
  • Make all necessary payments.
This approach allows you to reduce the time to find a reliable manufacturer or supplier and check its products, as well as organize and conduct negotiations or business correspondence, with the involvement of translators.
The purchase of goods from China to Russian Federation can be made directly from the manufacturer, a reliable intermediary company, online stores and other trading platforms. This is especially important when organizing cargo transportation from China, then the purchase of goods can be carried out in small quantities. This makes it possible to form a prefabricated cargo and send it as soon as possible, with a guarantee of quality and at affordable price.

Why us?

  • Responsibility
    We bear full financial responsibility and guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and without any loss
  • Experience
    We have been working since 2015. During this time, we have processed more than 380 thousand tons of cargo in 47 countries on 5 continents
  • Price
    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors

Why it is better to trust professionals to buy goods from China to Russian Federation

By signing the contract with CargoBing, the company's customers receive a full list of services for organizing cargo transportation from China to Russia of any goods allowed for transportation. In addition, the company provides a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing the logistics process. Buying and delivering goods from China turnkey has a number of advantages:
  • Conclusion of the contract on the most favorable terms;
  • Quick search for the necessary products;
  • Quality check in accordance with accepted codes and standards;
  • Cargo certification;
  • Competent execution of all documentation;
  • Customs clearance of cargo;
  • Make all payments without any problems;
  • Compliance with delivery dates and transportation conditions;
  • Material liability.
It is achieved thanks to the great experience and high qualifications of the company's employees, well-developed schemes of interaction between all participants in the process, the presence of partnerships with many large Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of various goods. To this should be added knowledge of all norms and laws, including recent changes, understanding the features of the domestic market and all its nuances, as well as the ability to negotiate in Chinese. The purchase of goods from China and delivery to Russian Federation with CargoBing is a guarantee of safety, reliability and the most favorable prices.

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