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Cargo insurance from China with the logistics company CargoBing is an important part of organizing the delivery of various goods from China to Russian Federation. The demand for this service is quite high, since it allows you to prevent losses associated with damage or loss (theft) of products during international cargo transportation.

Nuances of insurance of various cargoes, when organizing delivery from China to Russian Federation

Ensuring the safety of the goods and their timely delivery, in compliance with the necessary standards and conditions, is a priority area of ​ ​ CargoBing. Cargo insurance will help significantly reduce the risks of financial losses due to the loss of consumer properties by the product. This guarantees the reimbursement of the value of damaged or lost property, in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract.
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What cargoes do we insure?

Our company provides insurance for all types of goods, regardless of the method and type of transport to which the goods will be delivered (sea, railway, road or air). Qualified CargoBing employees provide insurance services for the following types of cargo:
  • General;
  • National teams;
  • Oversized;
  • Dangerous;
  • Excise;
  • Express deliveries;
  • Especially valuable.
At the same time, insurance services for transported products apply to the entire transportation route - from the manufacturer or supplier to acceptance by the recipient. The main points of departure are such large cities in China - Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and others.

Why us?

  • Responsibility
    We are fully responsible and guarantee that cooperation with us will be comfortable
  • Experience
    We have been working since 2015. During this time, we have processed more than 380 thousand tons of cargo in 47 countries on 5 continents
  • Price
    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors

Advantages of cargo insurance from China to Russian Federation in our company

CargoBing is a large and actively developing Chinese company, whose staff consists of highly qualified specialists. In total, the company employs 870 employees who know the features of the domestic market, as well as the norms and requirements of the current legislation, and are ready to organize all stages of cargo transportation at a high professional level, including a wide range of additional services.
Cargo insurance from China to Russian Federation with our company has a number of important advantages:
  • The best prices;
  • Efficiency of order processing and execution;
  • Quick execution of the required documentation;
  • All services are provided legally and in strict accordance with the current legislation (Chinese and Russian);
  • Full indemnity guarantee in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract;
  • The possibility of delivery of goods from the PRC to the Russian Federation by any means of transport, including multimodal transportation with guarantee of compliance with the terms, safety and integrity of the goods and the required conditions of transportation (for example, temperature conditions, fresh air access, maintenance of a certain humidity, etc.);
  • Services for responsible storage and processing of products in their own storage areas (more than 45 thousand m2) equipped with the necessary equipment.
To insure the transported products, you need to provide information about the nature of the cargo, its volume, weight, method of transportation and the presence of special requirements for its delivery.
It is important to understand - insurance of cargo from China is a responsible procedure that requires special knowledge, and it can only be trusted by companies with a high rating and degree of reliability. CargoBing meets all these conditions 100%, cargo insurance with which is always convenient, profitable and as reliable as possible.

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