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Trade and economic relationship between Russian Federation and China are strengthening every year, which has a positive effect on the increase in trade between the countries. Chinese companies are of great interest to Russian entrepreneurs, thanks to their wide range of products and affordable prices. One of the problems of foreign economic activity is the search for a supplier in China who will be able to ensure the accurate and full implementation of the terms of the contract. CargoBing, one of the specialized areas of activity of which is the organization of cargo transportation from China to the Russian Federation, provides a complete list of logistics services, including assistance in finding suppliers in China.

What are the hidden risks when searching for product suppliers yourself

  • To run a successful business, you need to know the specifics and all the subtleties of the Chinese market. Therefore, the choice of goods and the search for a manufacturer or a reliable intermediary partner is a crucial moment, and it is best to trust professionals who know the peculiarities of the domestic market and have successful experience in such activities. Otherwise, you may encounter a number of unpleasant surprises:
  • Conclusion of a contract with an unscrupulous supplier;
  • Overpriced;
  • Attempted fraud;
  • Supply of defective or non-conforming declared performance characteristics of products;
  • The goods are received in incomplete procurement;
  • Poor-quality packaging;
  • Resortitsa;
  • There is no relevant documentation;
  • Failure to meet delivery dates;
  • No feedback, etc.
This is not a complete list of troubles that entrepreneurs face if they do not pay due attention to the choice of a reliable partner. Therefore, the search for a supplier in China is quite common and in demand among Russian businessmen.
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What criteria are used to search for reliable manufacturers or counterparties

Over the years of its activity, CargoBing employees have managed to develop their own methodology, on the basis of which the search for suppliers of goods in China is carried out. To do this, an analysis of data obtained from open official sources is carried out:
  • Year of formation;;
  • Legal and actual address indicated on the CIA (Commercial and Industrial Administration) website;
  • Permitted activities;
  • Amount of the authorized capital;
  • Who has the right to enter into contracts and sign contracts without a power of attorney;
  • Data on legal violations or their absence.
CargoBing's employees know the features of the Chinese market from the inside, pay special attention to studying the official website of the company, focusing on when the domain name was registered, as well as on status verification, in the audit section, on large electronic trading platforms. In addition, business reputation and experience in a specific area of ​ ​ activity are necessarily taken into account.
The decision on the reliability of the manufacturer or supplier is made taking into account many factors and a personal audit of the enterprise, during which qualified employees pay attention to the level of technical equipment, methods of controlling the quality of the products and their quantity in warehouses.

Why us?

  • Responsibility
    We bear full financial responsibility and guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and without any loss
  • Experience
    We have been operating since 2015. During this time, we have established business contacts with more than 3,500 manufacturers across Asia
  • Price
    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors

Why is it profitable to entrust us with the search for suppliers in China

CargoBing is a large Chinese logistics company that has been successfully operating in the market for quite some time (since 2015). Employees assume full responsibility for conducting negotiations and business correspondence, preparation and execution of documentation, in accordance with the terms and conditions supplied by the customer. It is important to understand that a trip to China to find suppliers can last long enough and require considerable financial costs, and the expected result will not be achieved.
Among the key advantages of cooperation with the company, the following factors can be distinguished:
  • Guarantee of quality and compliance with the terms of the contract;
  • The cost of finding suppliers of goods in China is much less than when visiting the country on your own;
  • The speed of the task due to the presence of representative offices in large industrial centers of the country - Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai;
  • A wide range of additional services - inspection of goods, safekeeping and handling of cargo, obtaining a certificate of conformity at a certification center in China, choosing the optimal method of delivery and selection of vehicles, route development, customs clearance, insurance, product redemption and much more;
  • Confidentiality and trade secrets.
CargoBing employees searching for a supplier in China guarantee the best prices for the product, as well as its quality compliance with the declared characteristics. All this makes cooperation with the company profitable, reliable and most convenient.

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