Transferring money to suppliers in China

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Doing business with Chinese suppliers has its own characteristics. That goes for many points, and one of them is paying for the item. CargoBing, which specializes in international freight transportation, also provides a wide range of additional services aimed at improving the level of service, and making the process as fast, safe and profitable as possible for the client. Employees of the logistics company will help make money transfers to China with a minimum commission and absolutely legally.

Features of international financial transactions

Most entrepreneurs involved in foreign economic activity know that money transfers to China from Russian Federation from a legal entity are a rather complicated procedure, as it can take a relatively long time, plus the need to complete various documents, as well as high commissions. Therefore, it is much easier to entrust such financial transactions to qualified employees. It is especially important for companies and businessmen who make foreign trade transactions on an irregular basis.
Payment to suppliers from China
The transfer of money to China to a supplier from Russian entrepreneurs is always associated with certain risks, for example, these are all kinds of fraudulent schemes that many businessmen have already encountered. One of the most common is billing a non-existent organization. Therefore, in order to prevent such situations, it is best to entrust financial transactions to qualified specialists who have been working in this area of ​ ​ activity for several years and know all the features and specifics of the Chinese market.
CargoBing employees will transfer money to China quickly, with a minimum commission, at the best tariffs and 100% legally, in compliance with all currency legislation. At the same time, they:
  • They will draw up the necessary documentation and provide them to a financial institution;
  • Check registration documents;
  • Reconcile the payment details specified in the contract;
  • Carefully examine the data on the owner of the bank account;
  • They will check the information about the bank where the counterparty's account is opened.
If necessary, employees of the company can visit the supplier's factory or warehouses to ensure that the products are available in the required quantity. You can also use the services of responsible storage, search and inspection of the goods, processing of products, certification of the goods and some others.
You can make remittances to China in yuan without opening a bank account in foreign currency. The transfer can be made from the ruble account at the exchange rate valid at the time of the financial transaction. Upon completion of the transaction, the company provides a financial statement.

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Main stages of transferring money to a supplier in China

By entering into an agreement with CargoBing, you significantly simplify the process of preparing and conducting financial transactions, as well as the entire process of delivering cargo from China to Russian Federation. To make a money transfer to a supplier in China, you need to complete 3 steps.
  1. Apply a request.
  2. Provide necessary documents.
  3. Transfer money.
It is important to know that legal conduct of financial transactions is a guarantee of timely delivery of cargo without any problems in the form of fines, arrest or confiscation.

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    We have been working since 2015. During this time, we have processed more than 380 thousand tons of cargo in 47 countries on 5 continents
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    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors

Benefits of cooperation with CargoBing

This is one of the largest logistics companies in the China, which provides the widest range of services. The priority area of ​ ​ activity is the organization of turnkey cargo transportation to Russia by all types of transport. Employees know the Chinese market perfectly from the inside, as well as all the norms of domestic and international legislation. Therefore, choosing CargoBing as an intermediary in China to transfer money to a counterparty, the company's clients receive a guarantee of the legality of the transaction and the most favorable conditions.

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