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China is a leader in the supply of various goods to Russia. Among all types of imported products, a special place is occupied by industrial equipment, machine tools, turbines, turboprop and turbojet engines, metal structures, agricultural and construction equipment, boats, yachts and other large-sized products, the transportation of which has a number of important features. The logistics company CargoBing has been providing oversized transportation from China to Russia on a turnkey basis for many years.

Features of organizing the transportation of oversized cargo or non-standard cargo

This category includes products that cannot be transported in closed vehicles and containers. Delivery of non-standard cargo from China to Moscow, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov and other cities of the Russian Federation is carried out by various modes of transport:
  • Sea freight;
  • Air freight;
  • Truck freight;
  • Railway freight.
Most often, to organize the transportation of such products, truck freight or multimodal delivery is used. Each of these options has its own pluses and minuses. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right transport and mode of transportation. For example, oversized cargo from China can be delivered by road directly from the manufacturer to the recipient. This allows you to reduce the time spent on the way, as there is no need to reload it from one mode of transport to another.
Oversized transportation
Another option, such as a combination of shipping by sea or railway and truck, can be much cheaper. It is especially important if cargo transportation is carried out over long distances, in particular from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other large industrial centers to Moscow or St. Petersburg.
The best solution to urgently transport oversized cargo from China to Russian Federation is air delivery, followed by reloading and transportation by trucks.

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Factors to be considered when organizing the delivery of oversized cargo

Employees of the Chinese logistics company CargoBing know the specifics of the domestic market thoroughly, and also have extensive experience in organizing the transportation of large-sized equipment, metal structures, machine tools and other non-standard products. Therefore, when carrying out oversized transportation from China to Russian Federation, they pay special attention to the following points.
  1. The right choice of delivery method, taking into account the nature of the cargo, weight, overall dimensions, terms and availability of additional conditions.
  2. Selection of vehicles. Here, the emphasis should be on the reliability of fastening and the possibility of proper placement of equipment or metal structures.
  3. Route planning. When organizing the transportation of oversized cargoes, it is desirable to avoid narrow roads, steep slopes and established restrictions, for example, when passing through bridges and some other places.
  4. Knowledge and strict observance of the rules for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo (for different modes of transport), which operate in China, Russian Federation and other transit countries.
  5. Formation of a full package of supporting documentation. This also includes obtaining and issuing the necessary permits for the transportation of oversized products through China, Russia and other countries (if required).
  6. Customs clearance and insurance, if necessary, certification of the goods may be required.
The developed material and technical base, cooperation with foreign carriers and major Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of goods, as well as carefully developed schemes of interaction with all participants in the process of cargo transportation, allow us to organize the delivery of oversized and heavy cargo to all regions of Russian Federation on the most favorable terms.

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Transportation of oversized cargo from China is carried out by specialized equipment - automobile platforms (trawls), railway platforms, cargo aircraft, sea vessels. This makes it possible to choose a suitable vehicle in accordance with the characteristics and dimensions of the transported products, as well as its timely delivery to the place of loading. This approach allows recipients to accurately plan the delivery time to the object.
When organizing the transportation of oversized items from China to Russian Federation, the company's employees draw up all the necessary documentation, including approvals from executive road inspections, engineering conclusions, permits, and others. To optimize the transportation process, a wide range of additional services can be ordered from CargoBing. All this makes cooperation with the company the most profitable, convenient and reliable.

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