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One of the most affordable and reliable ways of delivering various goods is the railway transportation of cargo from China to the Russian Federation. Over the years of its activity in the field of international logistics, CargoBing has managed to earn a reputation as a solid and reliable partner, as well as gain extensive experience in organizing cargo transportation by air, sea, road and rail to various countries of the world located on all continents. At the same time, today, one of the priority areas is the delivery of railway from China to Russian Federation. A well-developed infrastructure, plus a balanced pricing policy, allows us to organize the process of delivering any goods at the best rates and in the best possible time.

Features of cargo delivery from China to Russian Federation by railway transport

It is important to take into account that rail transportation from China to the Russian Federation has a number of features. First of all, this concerns the need to reload products, since the railway gauge in China differs from the standards adopted in Russia and the countries of the former CIS. Secondly, the average delivery time is from 15 to 32 days, depending on the route. Thirdly, the final cost of transportation is influenced by many factors, and one of them is the departure station. The most profitable option is from the freight railway station, which is subsidized by the Chinese government:
  • In the Southeast, this is Ganzhou;
  • In the East - Linyi, Nanjing, Suzhou;
  • To the south is Guangzhou.
Railway composition
The main border crossing points for organizing railway transportation from China to Russia are the border crossings in Zabaikalsk (RF), Dostyk (Kazakhstan), Erlian (Mongolia). Among the other most popular directions for the delivery of cargo to Moscow and St. Petersburg are the railway stations of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and some others. Therefore, when organizing railway delivery of goods from China to Russian Federation, CargoBing specialists must take into account all these factors, plus excellent knowledge of the domestic market and assistance in selecting reliable and trusted suppliers.
Another important point is that the delivery of various products from China to Russia requires compliance with special conditions. Therefore, different types of freight wagons are used for rail freight transportation - covered wagons, gondola wagons, isothermal wagons, refrigerated wagons, tanks, platforms, hoppers.

Price for railway freight from China to Moscow

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Advantages of railway freight from China to Russian Federation

Delivery of goods by railway from China to Russian Federation and vice versa is in high demand. This type of transportation is ordered by large commercial organizations, representatives of medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs, which is explained by the following factors:
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  • Versatility - you can transport any cargo (general, consolidated, bulky, heavy, dangerous, etc.), regardless of volume and weight;
  • The movement of trains is carried out strictly according to the schedule, year-round and around the clock;
  • Cargo transportation does not depend on climatic and weather conditions;
  • High capacity of freight railway stations and speed of movement (average speed 900 km/day);
  • Wide geography of delivery, including remote cities and towns of the Russian Federation;
  • High degree of safety and security of goods;
  • Affordable cost.
All this is achieved thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, as well as well-established routes and interaction patterns.

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Advantages of railway delivery from China to Russian Federation

A well-developed material and technical base and partnerships with major manufacturers and suppliers of goods, as well as cargo and transport agencies from other countries, allow us to solve the most complex and extraordinary tasks in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices.

Employees of the company always select the most suitable delivery option and route, taking into account the nature of the cargo, its volume, packaging features, the customer's wishes and the presence of additional conditions. A thorough knowledge of the intricacies of Chinese legislation, the norms and standards of international cargo transportation, as well as the nuances of the domestic market, makes it possible to provide a wide range of additional services to optimize the process of delivering goods from China to the Russian Federation:
  • Search for suppliers in China and India;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Customs brokerage services;
  • Product certification;
  • Consolidation of cargoes;
  • Warehouse services in China.
An integrated approach to the organization of railway freight of cargo China - Russian Federation with a logistics company CargoBing is the most reliable, profitable and safe.

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