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Efficient business conduct involves not only the purchase of goods at the lowest price from a Chinese manufacturer, but also its delivery to Russian Federation in the optimal time and with minimal financial costs. The logistics company CargoBing specializes in organizing international cargo transportation to different countries of the world. One of the priority areas is the delivery of goods from China by cargo by airfreight.

Advantages of cargo transportation from China to Russia by airfreight

Air delivery of cargo from China to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and other major cities of Russian Federation is a fairly popular service. This method of transportation allows you to quickly deliver a parcel, important documents, especially valuable items, perishable products, medical supplies and other goods, in cases where urgency comes first. Despite the fact that air cargo is considered the most expensive, the demand for them is growing every year. This can be clearly seen when looking at the annual turnover growth of the busiest airports in the world, including China and Russian Federation.
According to the results of the past year (2021), the volume of imports of Chinese products amounted to more than 67.57 billion dollars, which is 33.8% more than in 2020. Therefore, there is now a noticeable increase in demand for cargo transportation in this direction, including delivery cargo from China. Qualified employees of our cargo company have extensive experience in organizing this process.

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The main directions of air freight from China to Russia

Logistics optimization is the most important task for any commercial structure. Therefore, this should be done by professionals. In recent years, there has been a tendency that even large concerns trust the organization of international cargo transportation to specialized companies. CargoBing is one of the largest such organizations in China, whose specialists will always be able to choose the most suitable route and method of delivery of almost any product from China to Moscow or any other city in the Russian Federation.
The organization of air delivery of cargo from China to Russia has its own nuances that must be taken into account. For example, in China there are more than 180 airports and their number is constantly increasing. In the country, almost every province has at least 1-2 airports, which allows you to find the fastest and most cost-effective ways to deliver urgent cargo to the recipient.
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Most often, cargo delivery from China by air is carried out from such large commercial and industrial centers:
  • Beijing - Capital Airport, located 20 km from the capital.
  • Shenzhen - Bao'an is one of the 5 busiest airports in the country and is located 30 km from the city.
  • Harbin - Taiping is considered one of the most significant air terminals, where not only Asian, but also Russian airlines are represented.
  • Guangzhou - Baiyun, the airport in terms of cargo turnover ranks 3rd in China.
  • Hong Kong - Hong Kong airport, ranks first in the list of the largest and busiest airports in the world.
In Russia, most of the cargo is delivered to Moscow airports ("Domodedovo", "Vnukovo" and "Sheremetyevo"), as well as to St. Petersburg (cargo terminal "Pulkovo"), Yekaterinburg and others.

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Ordering air cargo delivery from China to CargoBing is profitable

The company's specialists have extensive experience in organizing cargo transportation from China to the Russian Federation by all modes of transport, including air. Over the years of its activity, a huge number of various cargoes have been delivered, including urgent, especially valuable, bulky, heavy, dangerous, perishable food products, medical supplies, etc.
Air cargo delivery from China to Moscow and other cities of Russian Federation with the logistics company CargoBing has the following advantages:
  • Well-developed own material and technical base;
  • A well-established process of interaction between all departments of the company, as well as the availability of a cargo transportation process;
  • Close cooperation with partner companies, as well as leading domestic manufacturers;
  • Knowledge of the domestic market and all its features and nuances;
  • Transparent pricing policy;
  • Possibility to know in advance the prices for air delivery of goods from China;
  • A wide range of additional services that allows you to optimize the transportation of products as much as possible;

By concluding a contract with CargoBing for the air delivery of cargo from China to Russian Federation or vice versa, the company's customers receive the most favorable conditions, democratic prices and a guarantee of high quality of services provided.

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