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Cargo transportation from China to Novokuznetsk can be carried out by air, sea, rail and road. Each of the above options has its pros and cons.
  1. Sea freight transportation is distinguished by the most favorable rates and versatility. Great for transporting large quantities of goods, as well as for oversized, liquid, bulk and gaseous cargo. The main disadvantage of this method of freight transportation is a long period - up to 3 months.
  2. Air delivery is the fastest and most expensive mode of transportation. It is mainly used in the organization of cargo transportation, and when you need the fastest delivery from China to Novokuznetsk of urgent and perishable goods, medicines with a very limited validity period and especially valuable goods.
  3. By rail. It should be noted that the tariffs for railway transportation do not differ much from those for sea transportation, but allow the delivery of goods much faster.
  4. Trucking is the most versatile option. They are best suited for the delivery of relatively small and medium-sized consignments of goods, as well as when delivery of oversized cargo from China to Novokuznetsk is required. Trucks of various types are widely used in intermodal transportation schemes, and when turnkey delivery is required without additional reloading.

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Organization of cargo transportation from China to Novokuznetsk with CargoBing

The efficiency of the entire enterprise largely depends on the work of logistics. It is very important that spare parts, components and other goods arrive without interruption, on time and at affordable prices. Therefore, the best solution is to entrust this process to CargoBing, a company specializing in international cargo transportation and successfully operating in this field of activity since 2015. In this case, the delivery of goods from China will be carried out with a guarantee of safety, within the specified period, without additional payments, and the transported products will not lose their consumer properties. To do this, you need to choose the right delivery method and route, as well as coordinate the clear interaction of all links in the supply chain.
In addition to organizing the process of freight transportation, it is often necessary to buy goods, place them in temporary storage, issue all the necessary documentation, go through customs, and control loading / unloading. All these concerns are taken over by the employees of the Chinese logistics company CargoBing, which can significantly reduce time and optimize costs.
Cooperation with the company has a number of important advantages - reliability, provision of a guarantee for the safety of the cargo, compliance with the terms of the contract, no hidden fees and a wide range of additional services. This includes:
  • Assistance in finding a reliable supplier in China;
  • Redemption of goods and placement in their own warehouses for temporary storage;
  • Certification, packaging in accordance with current norms and standards;
  • Consolidation of cargo;
  • Selection of the most suitable method of transportation and vehicle;
  • Documentary support;
  • Customs clearance of products;
  • Financial transactions and some others.
All these services are aimed at strengthening close and mutually beneficial cooperation between representatives of Russian business and Chinese manufacturers. The company has its own representative offices in major industrial centers of the country, as well as partnerships with reliable suppliers of various products, which makes it possible to absolutely legally carry out cargo transportation from Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen to Novokuznetsk on the most favorable terms.

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