Cargo delivery from China to Rostov-on-Don

We are a Chinese logistics company and work without intermediaries. All types of cargo transportation from 50 kg. Cost from $3.5/kg!
CargoBing provides a wide range of services in the field of international cargo transportation. This includes - air delivery, rail, road and sea transportation from China to Rostov-on-Don, as well as assistance in finding a reliable manufacturer and supplier, representing the customer in negotiations, organizing tours for entrepreneurs to international exhibitions, storing goods in warehouses in China , redemption of goods and financial transactions, customs clearance and much more.
Most of the goods supplied to the Russian market are delivered from China. The reason is that the country is the world's largest manufacturer of clothing, footwear, electronics, industrial equipment, machine tools, special-purpose equipment, building materials, spare parts, components and many other goods. Another plus is the high quality of Chinese products and more affordable prices than European manufacturers. At the same time, a rather serious expense item when purchasing goods in the "Celestial Empire" is its delivery to Russia.
One of the most convenient and fastest ways to deliver cargo from China to Russia, especially when it comes to products of small and medium dimensions, as well as relatively small volumes of deliveries, then the best solution is cargo delivery from China to Rostov, thanks to which you can significantly reduce costs for logistics. The main advantages of this transportation option are:
  • The most favorable rates, since you only need to pay for the space in the container that is occupied by the cargo of a particular customer;
  • Simplified customs clearance procedure;
  • Versatility - this method of transportation is suitable for many product groups.
Among the main disadvantages of cargo delivery, one can single out that not all types of products can be transported in this way, and secondly, there may be some delays in terms, since it takes some time to consolidate the cargo and completely fill the container. Thirdly, the goods must have special packaging. If you contact CargoBing, then all these concerns will be taken over by the employees of the logistics company, and turnkey delivery from China to Rostov-on-Don will be carried out as quickly as possible, at the best price and a guarantee of the safety and integrity of material assets.

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How is cargo delivery from China to Rostov

Given the long distances, most often rail freight is used in this direction or combined (multimodal), when several modes of transport are involved in the logistics chain at once, for example, sea and road. If you need fast delivery from China to Rostov, then it is best to choose air delivery. But it follows that this is the most expensive type of transportation and depends on flight schedules, routes and weather conditions. In addition, not all types of products can be transported in this way. It is most suitable for cargo transportation of urgent and especially valuable goods, medical supplies and goods with a short shelf life.
In recent months, the demand for industrial equipment, machine tools, agricultural machinery, turbines, which are manufactured in China, has noticeably increased. To transport them from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other industrial centers of the country, it is necessary to deliver oversized cargo, which can only be carried out using special modes of transport and in compliance with all international norms and standards. Thanks to their extensive experience in the field of international cargo transportation, knowledge of all the intricacies of the domestic market, as well as the availability of their own fleet of vehicles, CargoBing employees are ready to solve the most complex and extraordinary tasks with a guarantee of quality and in the best possible time.

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