Delivery of cargo from China to Chelyabinsk

We are a Chinese logistics company and work without intermediaries. All types of cargo from 50 kg. Tariffs from $0.15/kg!
Delivery of goods from China to Chelyabinsk is carried out by air, road and rail. Sea cargo transportation is also possible, using a multimodal scheme. This option is most suitable for those cases when you need to transport large volumes of products.
Representative offices of the company are located in several large industrial centers, which allows you to quickly resolve issues related to the purchase of a consignment of goods, for example, at enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, and so on. Place goods in their own warehouses, check, consolidate, repack, certify and send to the recipient.
The most popular option for the transportation of cargo and groupage cargo is container railway transportation.
If delivery of oversized cargo is required, then the company's employees will provide suitable transport and develop the best route.
Another popular type of cargo transportation is trucks. It is mainly suitable for relatively small and medium-sized batches of goods, as well as when turnkey delivery is required, without additional overloads in the transportation process.
The fastest delivery from China to Chelyabinsk is air delivery. This is the best solution if you need to urgently transport personal items, medicines, medical supplies or products with a limited expiration date. When concluding a contract with CargoBing, you don’t have to worry - the cargo will always be delivered on time, with a guarantee of integrity and safety and at a bargain price.
Russian entrepreneurs are actively cooperating with manufacturers and suppliers from China. In recent years, the demand for Chinese products has increased markedly, and with it for cargo transportation from China to Chelyabinsk, since affordable prices, the widest range of products and decent quality make cooperation with Chinese suppliers as profitable as possible. CargoBing provides all types of logistics services on the most favorable terms and guarantees the safety of transported goods.

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Why is it better to entrust the organization of logistics to CargoBing employees?

Firstly, we are a Chinese company whose logisticians and managers know from the inside the peculiarities of the domestic market.
Secondly, extensive experience, an integrated approach and flexibility in solving each individual problem allows us to find the best options.
Thirdly, a well-developed base (own warehouse space, a fleet of vehicles, a large staff of qualified personnel) makes it possible to provide a wide range of additional services to optimize the process of cargo transportation.
What cargo is delivered from China to Chelyabinsk?
After many American and Western companies left the Russian market, there was a deficit in many commodity items. The same applies to the manufacturing sector. Now many manufacturers feel an acute shortage of components, parts, spare parts and other components necessary for the production and maintenance of their units and equipment. Therefore, now there is a question of a quick reorientation to work with Chinese suppliers. To do this, you need to find a reliable company, conclude an agreement with it and arrange cargo transportation from China to Chelyabinsk. Today, almost all types of products are transported along this route, from electronics and small household appliances to industrial equipment, machine tools, freezers, and construction and agricultural machinery.

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    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors.

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