Transportation of goods from China to Izhevsk

We are a Chinese logistics company and work without intermediaries. We will deliver any cargo from 50 kg. Price from $0.15/kg!
The correct choice of the mode of transportation is important, since the cost of the service and the delivery time depend on it. Be sure to take into account what type of cargo you need to deliver, the volume of the lot, the presence of certain conditions that must be observed during transportation.

  1. Air freight is the fastest and most expensive option. It is most often used for cargo transportation, as well as for medical products, medicines with a short shelf life, urgent and especially valuable cargo. When choosing this method, it should be borne in mind that not all types of cargo can be transported by air.
  2. Sea freight transportation is characterized by the lowest tariffs and versatility, as it allows the delivery of almost any product. Among the minuses can be noted - the duration of the process and the need for reloading and the use of other modes of transport, such as road or rail.
  3. Truck freight transportation combines versatility, affordable prices and ease of route planning. It is explained by the possibility of using various types of trucks.
  4. Railway freight is carried out strictly on schedule, and allows you to transport large lots of various products at affordable rates. Most often used by large industrial enterprises that require the supply of raw materials in large volumes, as well as rolled metal products, fuels and lubricants, fuel, fertilizers, building materials, and so on.

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Why is cargo transportation with CargoBing reliable and profitable?

We are a large Chinese transport company that has been successfully operating for more than 7 years and continues to develop rapidly. The presence of its representative offices and warehouse complexes in the major industrial centers of the country - Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen allow you to quickly buy out consignments of goods, carry out their temporary storage and consolidation of goods, and also send them by suitable modes of transport along optimal logistics routes.

Thanks to their excellent knowledge of the specifics of work and the peculiarities of interaction with Chinese stations and, in general, with the Chinese railway, company employees can find the most suitable delivery options, with a minimum likelihood of delays.

For those who need the fastest delivery from China to Izhevsk of medical supplies or goods with a very limited shelf life, as well as especially valuable cargo, air delivery will be an ideal option.
Under the current conditions in the field of cargo transportation, the majority of Russian business representatives prefer to order a turnkey delivery service from Chinese logistics companies. This makes it possible to save time, effort and money thanks to a wide range of additional services from CargoBing.

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    We bear full financial responsibility and guarantee that you will receive the goods safe and without any loss.
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    Our customer support is 24/7. You can check the status at any convenient time
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    We are located in China and work without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of our services is cheaper than that of competitors.

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