How to order production in China?

Ordering production in China turns out to be much faster and more profitable than in your own country...
Many large, medium and small foreign companies have long had time to assess all the advantages of organizing the production of their products in China. Over the past few years, the same trend has been noted among Russian entrepreneurs. This is due to the fact that often order production in China turns out to be much faster and more profitable than in their own
country. Employees of the Chinese logistics company CargoBing provide their customers with a wide range of additional services, including assistance in finding a reliable manufacturer and supplier of various types of products.

List of the main advantages of ordering the production of your products in China

There are a huge number of enterprises in the Celestial Empire, ranging from small workshops and workshops to multi-storey factories that are ready to organize a complete technological process for the production of your product. Among the main advantages of organizing production in China, experts name the following factors:
  • Good level of service;
  • High performance;
  • Clear compliance with the order deadlines;
  • Less financial costs for the organization of the production process;
  • High quality of the goods produced;
  • Opportunities to create your own brand.
To this should be added the minimum order lead times, which depend on the complexity of the manufactured products, the quantity and type of organization of the OEM or ODM production. In the first case, Original Equipment Manufacture, it is supposed to release existing products, but under the customer's own brand and with its packaging. The second type, Original Design Manufacturer, is the production of goods under the customer's brand, with an original design or special characteristics that differ from analogues from other manufacturers.

What are the pitfalls?

Most of Russian entrepreneurs do not risk ordering production in China, as they believe that it is very difficult to find a suitable workshop or factory in China. This is largely due to our mentality and habit of dealing mainly with compatriots or, in extreme cases, with enterprises in the countries of the former CIS. But the experience of numerous foreign businessmen shows that in fact it is not so difficult. Among the most common ways to find factories and plants in China are the following:
Personal visits to enterprises that interest you in the direction of activity;
Visiting exhibitions, fairs and wholesale markets and communicating with official representatives of manufacturing companies;
Specialized Internet sites.
The second serious minus is the language barrier and national peculiarities. It is important to take into account that here we are talking about the organization of production, which means the provision of technical documentation, in which everything should be described in as much detail as possible, including all requirements for material, fittings, dimensions, weight, quality, etc. One of the features of the Chinese is their most serious perception of every word. Therefore, it is necessary to select words very accurately and formulate expressions, it is also recommended to use photos, ready-made samples, and so on to the maximum.
The third important disadvantage is the unpredictability of the political and economic situation in the country, for example, fluctuations in exchange rates in the foreign exchange market, a sharp rise in the price of oil, energy, any raw materials, can immediately affect the cost of production. At the same time, it is unlikely that it will be possible to obtain objective information in advance from the Chinese media.
CargoBing employees are ready to help solve all tasks, from finding a reliable manufacturer, quality control and compliance, we require norms and standards, to customs clearance and quick delivery of goods to the recipient, with guarantee of compliance with the deadlines and safety of the cargo. Such cooperation will make ordering production in China as profitable, effective as possible and take a minimum of time.
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