Manufacturers from China are looking for partners in RussiaN Federation

Today Russian entrepreneurs are actively looking for suppliers in China in order to quickly fill the vacuum formed in the market.
After the withdrawal of many European and American companies from the Russian market as a result of sanctions from the EU countries, the United States and their allies, many representatives of Chinese business consider this as new opportunities to expand their activities. Therefore, today more and more manufacturers from China are looking for partners in Russian Federation.

At present, after the departure of large automobile companies, first of all, it will be necessary to provide the Russian automobile industry with spare parts and components for cars of these brands. As well as modern systems that are equipped with all vehicles of the latest generations, but which are not produced in the Russian Federation.

Promising ways to find partners

  • Today, the demand for the following product groups will increase:
  • Cosmetics and perfumery;
  • Textile;
  • Computer technology;
  • Mobile phones and accessories to them;
  • Office equipment;
  • Food products;
  • Cleaning and detergents;
  • Building tool;
  • Mototechnics and snowmobiles;
  • Industrial equipment and more.
This is only a small list of goods from China, the demand for which has increased significantly and this trend, apparently, will continue. Therefore, it is important here to find reliable partners, both in Russia and in China. It is best that the search for suppliers in China is carried out by professional specialists with experience and established contacts. One of the leaders in this field of activity is the Chinese logistics company CargoBing.

What Russian companies need to consider when looking for Chinese partners

It is very important here that both sides strive for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. This requires a clear organization of all stages of interaction with the mandatory verification of the reliability of partners. To do this, CargoBing employees, knowing thoroughly the Chinese market and its features, carry out not only assistance in finding a supplier in China, but also check its reliability, negotiate on behalf of Russian companies and individual entrepreneurs, select the most favorable prices and optimal conditions, and also organize the purchase and delivery of goods from China to Russia.
Over the years, the company's employees have created a large partner network, which includes manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, electronics, household appliances, food, spare parts for agricultural and construction special equipment and many other industries. In addition, they regularly attend thematic international exhibitions at which leading companies from different countries demonstrate their products.

Benefits of finding a supplier in China with CargoBing

One of the activities of our logistics company is the organization of all types of cargo transportation from China to Russia. CargoBing's employees provide a wide range of additional services aimed at optimizing the supply chain processes, as well as increasing the volume of supplies, by expanding trade and economic ties. To do this, they search and check manufacturers of various groups of goods, under the order of representatives of Russian business, if necessary, visit exhibitions, and conclude contracts, on terms that suit all participants in the transaction. This approach allows suppliers of components, spare parts, consumables or other products to interact with the buyer, bypassing numerous intermediary links. This makes it possible to purchase goods at the best prices, eliminate the likelihood of cheating or losing them during the resale process, and deliver them to the customer as soon as possible.
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