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Today, China is the main strategic partner for Russian business...
One of the most important conditions for long-term cooperation between Russian entrepreneurs and Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of goods is the establishment of reliable partnerships. Today, China is the main strategic partner for Russian business in almost all industries and fields of activity.
CargoBing is being a major Chinese logistics company, provides qualified assistance in finding a supplier in China, on the most favorable terms, without prepayment and risks.

Features of finding a reliable supplier of goods in China

The country has a huge number of large medium and small enterprises that produce a wide variety of products. Among such a variety of manufacturers, it is very difficult to immediately figure out with whom it is still more profitable to cooperate. For example, some suppliers of components are focused only on the supply of large wholesale lots, while others, on the contrary, are focused on small and medium volumes. Another nuance is that similar products from different enterprises may differ significantly in quality and consumer characteristics and may not meet Russian standards.
In addition, there are a lot of intermediary firms in China, widely represented on the most common Internet sites, where entrepreneurs from different countries, including the Russian Federation, independently look for suppliers of children's toys, furniture, electronics, mobile gadgets, components, and so on. Of course, buying goods from such companies is not as profitable as working directly with the manufacturer or its official representative.
In China, as in any other country, there is a high probability of concluding an agreement with a one-day company or running into scammers. You can avoid all these unpleasant moments if you entrust the search for suppliers in China to the logistics company CargoBing. This is due to the knowledge of the Chinese market from the inside, long-term partnerships with many manufacturers and suppliers, plus the absence of a language barrier when conducting business negotiations and leaving contracts.

What is the assistance in finding a supplier in China?

First of all, it should be taken into account that the cluster business development model prevails in the country, for example, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for railway transport and large industrial plants are located mainly in Shanxi province, and the bases of one of the largest state-owned automotive corporations are located in such cities as Wuhan, Shiyan , Xiangyang, Guangzhou and some others. The same applies to other sectors of the economy.
The second important point is the need to check the quality of products and the reliability of the company. This process can take a long time, especially for those who are just starting to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers. If representatives of large businesses can at international exhibitions, where suppliers of components, spare parts, components for perfumery and many other products demonstrate their new products, conclude an agreement with them for the supply of products of interest. This option is most likely not suitable for private individuals and small entrepreneurs, since most of the large Chinese manufacturers participating in industrial exhibitions are mainly focused on large volumes of purchases.
CargoBing employees constantly interact with a huge number of manufacturers and suppliers of various products in China and managed to develop their own base of reliable and trusted partners in various segments of the economy. Therefore, entrusting the search for suppliers of goods in China to our company, customers save a lot of time, financial resources, nerves, and at the same time receive a guaranteed result, as well as a comprehensive solution for the delivery of goods on a turnkey basis from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Wuxi to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and other cities of the Russian Federation. This includes the collection and handling of cargo, checking the quality of goods, if necessary, certification, packaging, consolidation, temporary storage, in compliance with all necessary conditions, selection of suitable transport and route, and full documentary support, including customs clearance.
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