Parallel import of smartphones to Russia

Sales of new mobile phones decreased by almost 3 times...
Despite the non-legalization of parallel imports in Russia this spring, there is a surge in demand for used equipment in the country, and this primarily concerns smartphones. Recall that the law on parallel imports was signed by the President of the Russian Federation at the end of June 2022. Sales of new mobile phones decreased by almost 3 times, while sales of second-
hand ones, on the contrary, increased by more than 250%. This is due to the fact that many large manufacturers, due to the imposed sanctions, have left the Russian market, for example, Samsung, Apple, and some have almost halved their sales volumes - these are Huawei and Xiaomi.

Why parallel imports of smartphones to Russia still cannot cope with the required volumes

Last year, about 30 million new mobile phones were sold in Russia in 12 months. In 2022, this figure will be much lower, due to the shortage of smartphones from many well-known brands, as well as a higher price. According to experts, parallel imports in 2022 cannot yet cope with the required supply volumes of smartphones for several reasons.
  1. Very little time has passed to rebuild all supply chains.
  2. There were some technical problems, for example, many owners of brand new Samsung smartphones imported under the parallel import scheme were unable to turn them on.
  3. Many manufacturers that have left the Russian market refuse to provide service and repairs, as well as provide an official guarantee for their products, which are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation in circumvention of sanctions.
  4. The price of smartphones imported in this way has increased by at least 20%, which is explained by an increase in transportation costs, since now the goods have to be imported through third countries, as well as constant fluctuations in the exchange rate.
  5. Lack of EAEU certification.
  6. Various equipment is possible.
It should be added to this that despite the ban on the import of counterfeit goods, the number of "gray" imports has increased markedly. It is important to understand that the essence of parallel imports is that it is allowed to import original products into the country without obtaining the official consent of the company that owns the rights to the trademark, that is, bypassing the distribution channel, and counterfeit is a fake.

Nearest prospects

In the current situation, Russian entrepreneurs, and primarily retailers, need to find suppliers of mobile devices as soon as possible who can and are willing to organize sales and deliveries of mobile devices to the country in the required volumes, of appropriate quality and at affordable prices. A large Chinese logistics company, CargoBing, whose activities are now focused on the Russian market in many areas, can help with this. The company's employees have extensive experience in the field of international cargo transportation by all modes of transport, and also provide a wide range of additional services, including the search for reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China, the development of optimal delivery routes, taking into account the current foreign policy situation, customs clearance, financial transactions and many other.
Cooperation with CargoBing will allow us to resolve the issue of finding a supplier of well-known brands of smartphones as soon as possible, but also organize their purchase and turnkey delivery to Russia, in accordance with the current legislation on parallel imports 2022, including customs clearance and full documentary support. Experts argue that parallel imports will only gain momentum over time, which will eventually lead to the disappearance of the deficit for most goods and a slight decrease in prices.

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