Finding a reliable supplier in China often takes a lot of time and effort...
Every year the popularity of Chinese products is growing all over the world, including in Russia. This is largely due to the high quality of manufactured goods, reasonable prices and the widest range. According to statistics, about 80% of entrepreneurs whose business is focused on wholesale and retail trade try to search for suppliers of goods in China.
Despite the huge number of large factories and plants, as well as medium and small clothing and footwear companies, finding a reliable supplier in China often takes a lot of time and effort. Employees of the largest Chinese logistics company CargoBing will always help you find the optimal ratio of quality and price in this huge variety.

The main ways to find clothing suppliers to Russian Federation from China

Most often, the search for a supplier in China is carried out in the following ways.
  1. With the help of search engines. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about Chinese suppliers. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that not all Internet sites are suitable for business cooperation on an ongoing basis. In particular, many websites of online stores or enterprises producing clothes and shoes are not translated into Russian. The second important point is that most of the Internet resources presented are online retail stores where you can find original goods and copies of different quality. Here, rarely does anyone provide an official guarantee of quality and compliance of products specified in the description with the characteristics. In addition, for bulk purchases, instead of delivery by postal services, you need to find other options for cargo transportation.
  2. Independent search. To do this, most likely it will be necessary to personally come to China, negotiate, visit exhibitions and conclude contracts. This option requires quite significant financial costs, and also takes a lot of time. The advantage is the opportunity to conclude a contract for the supply of exclusive clothing of a popular brand on the most favorable terms. If you have acquaintances or you are already cooperating with Chinese entrepreneurs in another field of activity, then most likely they will be able to assist in finding a supplier in China of the necessary products.
  3. Through an intermediary company specializing in the search for suppliers of various groups of goods from China to Russian Federation. If the company is solid, has a good reputation, then such cooperation can be very profitable and convenient in all respects.
Today, a full range of services for finding and checking suppliers of goods in China is provided by the logistics company CargoBing, one of the activities of which is also the organization of cargo transportation from China to Russian Federation.

Benefits of finding clothing manufacturers and suppliers in China with CargoBing

Our employees have extensive experience in the field of internal and international logistics, plus a large base of contacts between manufacturers and suppliers of various product groups. In addition, they regularly visit exhibitions held in the country, at which clothing manufacturers show their new collections. Among the largest and most significant such events held annually in China are: Maison Shanghai, Première Vision Shenzhen, ITMA Asia + CITME and many others.
  • It is here that you can directly conclude contracts with well-known Chinese clothing manufacturers:
  • "Bosideng" - winter and demi-season;
  • "Sprandi" - sports;
  • "Saint Angelo" - an amazing combination of ancient national motifs and the latest trends in the fashion world;
  • "Li Ning" - everyday and for sports;
  • "Romon" - clothes and accessories in a business style;
  • "Wingfree Septwolves Me&City Haoduoyi Catasy Anta" - author's female;
  • "Una Wang" - a characteristic feature - a combination of unusual design and elegance;
  • "Fun Time" - clothes and footwear for children.
Many Chinese clothing suppliers, as well as many other products, willingly cooperate with CargoBing, because it is convenient, reliable, safe and profitable. The complex of services includes - searching for a clothing supplier in China, checking its reliability and quality of the products presented, as well as the ability to supply the necessary goods in the required volumes on a regular basis, negotiating and helping to conclude an official contract, processing the goods in their own warehouses (packaging, labeling, collection of the necessary quantity, temporary storage, etc.), delivery from China to Russia "turnkey".
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