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The basis of successful entrepreneurial activity of many Russian companies...
Today, China is a key economic partner of the Russian Federation. The basis of successful entrepreneurial activity of many Russian companies is the organization direct deliveries of various goods from China.
The logistics company CargoBing organizes air cargo transportation from China to Russian Federation on the most favorable terms.

When is air delivery of goods from China profitable?

This type of cargo transportation is considered the safest and has a number of important advantages, as it allows you to deliver the necessary products as soon as possible. The main disadvantage of air transportation is the high cost compared to other modes of transport. Therefore, transportation of cargo by air is chosen when it is necessary to urgently transport medicines, perishable products, medical supplies with a very limited shelf life, as well as high-value cargo, in general, in cases where delivery speed is a priority.

Features of the organization of air cargo transportation from China to Russia

Thanks to a well-developed network of airports in both countries, cargo can be sent from almost any province to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and other major Russian cities. At the same time, it should be noted that logistics companies such as CargoBing have their own warehouse complexes equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery for temporary storage and consolidation of goods, plus automation of loading / unloading processes at airports. All this allows minimizing the likelihood of force majeure situations during transportation and guaranteeing the safety of material assets.
The most popular directions for air cargo transportation from China to Russian Federation are flights to Moscow (to Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports), St. Petersburg (Pulkovo), Blagoveshchensk and some other of these cities:
  • Beijing;
  • Shanghai;
  • Shenzhen;
  • Guangzhou;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Ningbo;
  • Xiamen;
  • Harbin;
  • Qingdao and others.

Our Cargo company is located in China and when organizing air delivery to the Russian Federation, it also provides a wide range of additional services, from searching for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of products, to documentary support and customs clearance.

How is air delivery of goods from China?

Most often, this method of transportation is used for the transportation of groupage cargo. Basically, these are complex equipment, electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, spare parts, components, smartphones, tablets, etc. It should be understood that when cargo is delivered from China, the cost for different carriers may vary slightly. This is due to different standards that determine the basic tariff rate in various airlines of China. Also, the final cost of the service depends on the nature of the cargo, the volume of the lot, the chosen scheme and the type of vehicle.
Most often, air delivery of goods from China is used in a multimodal scheme, for example, by sea to Vladivostok, and then by plane to Moscow, and as a direct express delivery. For urgent transportation of large consignments of goods, freight express delivery to Moscow from Beijing or Guangzhou is used.
Air cargo transportation is carried out by passenger aircraft (in the luggage compartment), cargo aircraft (it is possible to transport perishable products, containers, oversized and heavy cargo), charter flights. Qualified CargoBing employees with extensive experience in this field of activity and the necessary knowledge in the field of legislation and customs law will help you choose the best option and route. We will also take care of all issues related to the collection, verification, certification and dispatch of cargo, the preparation of the necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements and norms of applicable standards, as well as customs clearance of products. An integrated approach and a well-built logistics chain is a guarantee of timely and safe delivery of cargo.

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