Mining equipment suppliers from China are ready to capture the Russian market

Chinese suppliers of mining equipment are ready to fully fill the resulting niches...
In China, since 2017, a law has been in force prohibiting the free trade of cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoins. Despite this, the country is the world's largest manufacturer of mining equipment. Headquarters and branches of large companies specializing in the manufacture of equipment for cryptocurrency mining are located in different regions of the country.
including the head office of the world famous company "Bitmain" in Beijing. After the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian economy, Chinese mining equipment suppliers are ready to fully fill the formed niches and meet the market needs for ASIC miners, specialized software, microcircuits and other components for the blockchain industry.

How to find a reliable supplier of mining equipment?

In numerous online stores and catalogs of B2B suppliers, there are a large number of companies offering services for the sale of equipment for cryptocurrency mining, including Antminer, which is by far the most popular and sought-after miner in the world. But such a search for a supplier in China has a number of serious disadvantages.
  1. There is a high probability of running into scammers or a "one-day firm".
  2. Unfavorable prices, since most likely this is the second or third intermediary reselling the goods with their own margin.
  3. There is no guarantee of the quality of the equipment, and its compliance with the declared characteristics.
  4. The process of finding a reliable supplier can take a long time. In addition, it will take time to check the equipment or test purchase.
  5. Independent solution of the issues of delivery of mining equipment from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Wuxi and other cities of China to Moscow, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.
The Chinese logistics company CargoBing provides professional assistance in finding a supplier of equipment for cryptomining in China and prompt delivery of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Benefits of cooperation with us

After the introduction of a ban on the use of bitcoins by payment systems and banks in China, and in some regions (for example, Sichuan and Xinjiang) on ​​cryptocurrency mining, many enterprises specializing in the production of bitcoins closed and began to actively sell their equipment. CargoBing specialists, who know the market perfectly from the inside and have their own database of trusted manufacturers and suppliers, are ready to select the most profitable options for purchasing mining equipment, with the provision of all necessary documentation. They also organize its delivery as soon as possible, select the optimal type of delivery, develop a route, control the clarity of interaction of all participants in the logistics chain, and customs clearance of the cargo.
The company guarantees the exact fulfillment of the terms of the contract, as well as the integrity and safety of equipment for cryptocurrency mining (the cargo is insured without fail). If necessary, CargoBing employees are ready to provide a wide range of additional services, from finding a supplier and checking its reliability, to purchasing equipment, testing it, collecting the required quantity and temporarily storing it in our own warehouses in China. Also, company managers are ready to visit exhibitions (Canton Fair, Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show, HKTDC, CEF Shanghai, Computex, CEF Shenzhen, TAITRONICS and others), regularly held in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei and some other cities of the country, where suppliers of components for Asikov and other electronics present their products and negotiate on behalf of their customer. This makes it possible to organize the search for suppliers of goods in China in the most reliable way and purchase products at the best prices with fast and safe turnkey delivery.
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