China develops parallel imports to Russia

In order to minimize losses and at the same time prevent a sharp jump in prices...
After the mass withdrawal of large American, European, Japanese companies from the Russian market due to international sanctions, in many industries there were problems with the supply of necessary components, spare parts, consumable parts and many other goods.
To minimize losses and at the same time prevent a sharp rise in prices, the Russian Government adopted the Law on Parallel Imports, which protects representatives of Russian businesses from all types of liability in cases where the right holder sues for violation of his rights.

What is the main point of parallel import?

The signing of this document does not mean that the import of counterfeit products is allowed. Here it is important to have a clear understanding of the fundamental differences between counterfeit and parallel imports. In the first case, we are talking about a fake, so the import of such products will be stopped as before. And the essence of parallel imports is the supply of original products without obtaining the official consent of the copyright holder.
The new law does not contradict the international principle of "exhaustion" of rights to a trademark (trademark) and the "first sale" rule, according to which, after the sale of original products in any country, it can be resold as many times as necessary around the world without receiving any permission from the owner of the registered trademark. Such norms, with certain amendments, are in force in some countries, including the United States.

China continues to develop parallel imports to Russian Federation

One of the key suppliers of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation is China. Everyone is well aware of the flexibility and scale of the Chinese economy and the ability to quickly rebuild as the situation on the economic and political map of the world changes. In the current situation, many Chinese entrepreneurs are urgently reorienting their activities towards close cooperation with Russian business. And if many companies producing electronics, construction, agricultural road and other special equipment, clothing, footwear, components, building materials, furniture and many other types of products only need to increase the volume of supplies, then in 2022 other companies have already begun to actively master the parallel import of original goods of famous world brands through Chinese intermediaries.

Here, the most important role is played by the search for a reliable supplier of goods in China and the competent organization of the supply chain. CargoBing is not only a full range of services for the delivery of any goods from China to Russia on a turnkey basis, but also practical assistance in finding reliable manufacturers of quality products and suppliers of goods, including through the parallel import scheme. This process requires knowledge of the features of the domestic market, all the innovations in Chinese and Russian legislation, international trade law (ITL), customs clearance rules and many other nuances. The company's specialists have all the necessary knowledge and extensive practical experience in organizing international cargo transportation, as well as providing a wide range of additional services in the field of foreign economic activity and finding reliable partners.

The Importance of Parallel Imports for Russian and Chinese Business

The import of goods from China to Russia under the scheme of parallel imports is now just beginning to gain momentum. With the right organization of this process, this can bring countries to a fundamentally new level of economic relations. It's no secret that "gray" schemes for the delivery of goods were used before, before the period of so-called economic and political turbulence. At the same time, they were not of such a massive nature, and now this affects almost all areas of activity and industries. The list of products allowed for import as part of parallel imports is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and will be periodically supplemented and updated depending on the needs of the domestic market and new sanctions packages against the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is now very important for Russian and Chinese business representatives to establish strong partnerships and steadily develop them.
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