Cargo companies in China: how to find a reliable partner?

Representatives of Russian business are now actively searching for reliable partners in almost all industries...
Trade turnover between Russia and China is growing rapidly, due to the withdrawal of many European and American companies from the Russian market, as well as the adoption of the law on parallel imports.
Therefore, cargo transportation from China to the Russian Federation has also grown significantly, and representatives of Russian business are now actively searching for reliable partners in almost all industries.

Features of cargo delivery from China to Russia

Cargo transportation from China is carried out by various modes of transport, but the most affordable and with the best delivery time is by rail, trucks and by sea. In most cases, this is done using containers, which are unprofitable for entrepreneurs to rent for small consignments of goods. In such cases, a special type of delivery is used - cargo, when orders from several recipients are packed into one cargo container. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of transportation and simplify the process of customs clearance.
CargoBing is a large company that has been successfully working in the field of logistics for over 7 years and delivers almost all types of cargo to different countries of the world - more than 50 destinations, and their geography is constantly expanding. Cooperation with Russian entrepreneurs today is one of the priority areas. Finding a cargo company in China is an opportunity to receive the necessary goods in the optimal time and at minimal cost. This delivery format involves only 3 main cost items.
  1. Payment for delivery, depending on the actual weight of a particular batch of products.
  2. Cargo insurance. Usually does not exceed 3% of the value of the delivered goods.
  3. Packing payment. With this method of transportation, more durable packaging is used - most often it is a wooden crate or cardboard boxes, which are additionally wrapped several times with tape.
The main disadvantage of cargo from China to Russia is that not all goods can be transported in this way. But turning to CargoBing, you can be 100% sure that the company's specialists will always help you choose the most profitable and convenient way to deliver the goods to their destination with a guarantee of integrity and safety.

Benefits of groupage Shipping with CargoBing

The company employs highly qualified specialists who are well aware of the peculiarities of the domestic market and the current rules and regulations of Chinese law. Therefore, the entire process of cargo transportation is carried out officially and strictly within the framework of the laws in force in China and the Russian Federation, as well as customs law. At the same time, all responsibilities for the organization of cargo transportation are assumed by representatives of the logistics company. In addition, they provide a wide range of additional services:
  • Search for a reliable partner (manufacturer or supplier of products), including a comprehensive inspection of the company or factory;
  • Services of temporary storage of goods in our own warehouse space (more than 45 thousand m2);
  • Collection of the required consignment of goods;
  • Product handling - quality control, bundling, certification, packaging, labelling, loading/unloading, etc.
  • Negotiation;
  • Assistance in the preparation of agreements and contracts;
  • Redemption of goods;
  • Support of foreign economic activity;
  • Passage of customs;
  • Documentary support;
  • Money transfers.
The company's employees will help organize a tour for Russian business representatives who plan to visit an international exhibition, fair or meet directly with a manufacturer of spare parts, industrial equipment, furniture, building materials and any other products. This will save a lot of time, effort, as well as finances, and make the most efficient use of business trip time. By concluding an agreement with CargoBing, you can be sure that the final cost of delivering goods from China will be the most profitable and will not change during the transportation process.
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