What Chinese goods are needed by the Russian market?

We have to rely primarily on the supply of necessary products from countries that have not acceded to the sanctions
In connection with the sanctions imposed by the United States of America and the EU countries, as well as a number of other states that are their partners, many Western companies have suspended work in Russian Federation and stopped supplying many types of products. Experts analyzed the current situation, and named the most likely groups of goods that could completely disappear from the Russian market. In this situation, we have to count primarily on the supply of necessary products, from countries, those who did not join the sanctions, and this primarily applies

to China, whose economy is now on the rise.
CargoBing, being a large logistics company in China, is already focusing on organizing fast cargo transportation from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large commercial and industrial centers of the country to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk. The company also provides qualified assistance in finding suppliers in China.

List of the most necessary Chinese goods for the Russian market under the current sanctions

  • Among the most popular types of products that the Russian market needs today, the following areas can be distinguished:
  • Household chemicals;
  • Some types of food;
  • Electronic equipment - servers, computers, laptops and other;
  • Vehicles, spare parts and components;
  • Motor vehicles, snowmobiles and scooters;
  • Fabrics and fittings for light industry;
  • Clothing;
  • Shoes;
  • Parts and components for elevator facilities;
  • Selected types of alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey and beer;
  • Smartphones and accessories for them;
  • Goods for sports, tourism and outdoor activities.
This is not a complete list of products that need to be replaced in the coming months. Therefore, many Russian entrepreneurs are already searching for a supplier in China on their own, through the websites of companies and specialized online platforms. But it should be noted that this approach is not highly effective, and as a rule takes a lot of time - negotiations, trial purchase, search for a reliable cargo carrier, and so on. In this situation, the most important role is played by the time factor, the faster the resulting niche is filled, the better it will be for almost everyone - for the consumer, seller and manufacturer. Therefore, in order to minimize the time to find reliable suppliers of goods in China, it is better to immediately contact CargoBing.

Benefits of working with a Chinese company

China today is the world's largest center for the production and export of huge quantities of goods to all countries and continents, ranging from children's toys, socks, napkins and other small things, to unique industrial equipment, construction and agricultural equipment, as well as innovative electronic equipment.

If you need suppliers of equipment or any other goods in China, CargoBing's specialists will help you to find them in the shortest possible time and conclude a cooperation agreement on mutually beneficial terms. To do this for you, they will conduct a thorough check of their activities, test the quality of the supplied products, negotiate on behalf of the customer, agree on all the nuances and subtleties.

Such a search for a supplier in China has another important plus - the company's employees know the domestic market perfectly well from the inside, and have many partners in different areas of activity. Therefore, many suppliers of components, children's goods, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, industrial equipment are themselves interested in cooperation with CargoBing. It should be added to this that such interaction with the company makes it possible to comprehensively resolve the issue with the delivery of goods to the Russian buyer (we carry out all types of cargo transportation - air delivery, road transportation, railway cargo transportation, sea container transportation) with a guarantee of its compliance with the declared characteristics, in integrity and safety, as well as in precisely established terms.

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