What goods from China are in demand on the Russian market?

Many Russian entrepreneurs began to actively reorient their business, search for suppliers of goods in China...
Over the past six months, the commodity business in the Russian Federation has changed dramatically: trade with suppliers from the US and EU countries has become practically inaccessible, which has led to a shortage of many goods and disruption of supply chains. In this situation, many Russian entrepreneurs began to actively reorient their business,
search for suppliers of goods in China, and establish new schemes for the delivery of various products from China. Both individual entrepreneurs and large industrial enterprises and commercial companies, including those working in the field of sales, are now working in this direction.

Prospects for business development in the supply of products from China

The volume of imports of goods to Russia from China has been growing rapidly since 2015, and in 2021 it reached a record high of $67.55 billion. According to experts' forecasts, this figure will be even higher this year, since only in the period from the beginning of the year to April it reached $51.09 billion (according to the State Customs Service of the People's Republic of China), which is more than a quarter more than last year.
Therefore, today many Russian entrepreneurs are faced with a very acute question of which group of goods to choose and how to search for a supplier so that it takes a minimum of time and does not require large financial expenses. Here it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice of products that are planned to be imported and the reliability of a partner from China. CargoBing is one of the largest Chinese logistics companies, assists in finding a supplier in China, and also takes care of checking its reliability, product quality and ability to deliver in the required volumes and on time.

List of the most relevant goods from China for the Russian market

Currently, it is profitable to import almost everything from China to Russia, from clothes and shoes, spare parts, and accessories for smartphones, to industrial equipment, agricultural and construction equipment. But despite this, there are groups of goods that are most profitable to buy in China and sell on the Russian market. These include:
  • building materials;
  • Shoes;
  • Clothing;
  • Components for the production of cosmetics and perfumery;
  • Electronics;
  • Mobile gadgets and accessories to them;
  • Computer technology;
  • Mining devices;
  • Scooters, all-terrain vehicles;
  • Garden tools;
  • Jewelry;
  • Decor for weddings and special occasions;
  • Textile products;
  • Floral products;
  • Souvenirs and gift sets;
  • Goods for sports and outdoor activities.
This is not a complete list of products from China, which are in high demand on the Russian market.

What are the features of working with Chinese suppliers?

Entrepreneurs who have decided to build their business on the import of goods from China should take into account a number of important points that are characteristic of the Chinese market. For example, in March of this year, due to quarantine restrictions, many suppliers of components and other types of products were forced to reload goods from rail cars to road transport, since the railway station in Suzhou was closed. For this reason, a huge line of trucks formed at the border crossing between Manchuria and Zabaikalsk.
Today, the demand for most types of products exceeds supply, therefore, more favorable conditions are created for sellers, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a quality product at a cheap price. A gradual increase in the cost of production is also expected in almost all categories of product groups. In such conditions, you need to hurry up with the search for a supplier or manufacturer in China, but at the same time not run into scammers or numerous resellers.
The best option would be to contact CargoBing. Over the years of its activity in the field of international cargo transportation, the company has managed to form its own base of reliable partners. It has manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, household appliances, jewelry, spare parts and components, clothing, sports equipment and goods for hunting, fishing, tourism and so on. Such cooperation will save time, finances and conclude an agreement on the most favorable terms, plus solve all problems with the purchase and delivery of goods from China.
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