How to order fabrics from China from the manufacturer?

The main thing is to find a reliable fabric manufacturer...
China ranks first in the world in exports of wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics, and second in silk after the United States. Currently available here
all types of tissues and in any volume. The main thing is to find a reliable fabric manufacturer in China, and establish long-term cooperation with it.

Where better to buy Chinese fabrics?

You can search for a supplier in China in various ways, from specialized online sites, for example, large online stores Alibaba, 1688, TaoBao, to personal visits to factories for the production of natural and artificial fabrics. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time, finance and effort on this process, they can contact the logistics company CargoBing, which provides a wide range of services in organizing foreign economic activity, including assistance in finding a tissue supplier in China.
The purchase of small batches of goods is best carried out in shopping centers and local bazaars. But if we are talking about regular supplies, then the question of finding factories in China must be taken as seriously as possible. Despite the many advantages of cooperation with Chinese manufacturers - low price, the largest assortment, flexibility in relationships, there are also "pitfalls" here:
  • Language barrier;
  • High probability of getting on scammers;
  • The quality of the products may not meet the declared characteristics;
  • Complexity of the negotiation process;
  • Features of the Chinese market, for example, on the manufacturer's website prices can be indicated per kilogram, meter or 1/2 meter
  • It is necessary to independently solve the issues of payment, execution of the necessary documents, passage of customs, organization of the delivery process.
By cooperating directly with Chinese manufacturers, it is necessary, even at the stage of the negotiation process, to clarify all the nuances and details, and prescribe them as fully as possible in the official agreement (contract).

What fabrics can I buy in China?

There are several large textile agglomerations in the country at once:
  1. Shaosin - is one of the centers of the "Celestial Empire" for the production of artificial threads and yarns;
  2. Jiangsu is a silk province where many factories and factories of the textile industry are located;
  3. Hangzhou is a large industrial and commercial metropolis, here you can purchase fabrics for sewing clothes and making accessories, as well as ties, silk scarves, and so on.
In addition, a large number of international industrial exhibitions are held in China every year, in particular "Spinexpo" and "Intertextile" - in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and some other cities, as well as large fairs.
Among the most famous are "Textile Asia Essential" (ecotextile fair, Hong Kong venue), "KeqiaoTextile Expo" (the main directions are home textiles, weaving equipment, yarn and accessories, held in October in Qingdao), "Cina International Show Of The Best Euroline pean Textile" (considered the most famous fair, held in Beijing and Shanghai)
At such exhibitions and fairs, fabric suppliers exhibit new samples, and introduce visitors to innovative technologies and the latest trends in the textile industry. At these events, long-term cooperation agreements are signed and multimillion-dollar contracts are concluded.

Benefits of finding weaving mills in China with CargoBing

If you correctly organize the search for factories in China, then it is possible to profitably purchase and deliver to Russia any types of natural and artificial fabrics, including upholstery and porter fabrics - silk, linen, wool, cotton, organza, jacquard, microfiber, felt, tulle and so on, as well as fur, yarn, leather. Laminated materials for the manufacture of advertising products can also be purchased here.
CargoBing employees will take over the search for a fabric manufacturer in China, and resolve all issues related to establishing partnerships and concluding supply contracts:
Many weaving mills work exclusively according to the sketches provided by the customer. Our employees assist in the development and approval of layouts, as well as provide the entire range of services for the delivery of fabrics from China to Russia, by all types of transport, at the optimal time and at an affordable price.

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