How to buy wholesale from a manufacturer in China?

Business representatives are actively looking for suppliers of goods in China today...
Many entrepreneurs from Russia have long been able to appreciate all the advantages of wholesale purchases of goods in the Celestial Empire. But the current situation in the Russian market, in connection with the departure of many Western companies, dictates its own conditions, in particular, it is necessary to expand the areas of interaction and increase the volume of deliveries of various goods from China to the Russian Federation.

Therefore, many business representatives today are actively looking for suppliers of goods in China, and this applies not only to start-up entrepreneurs focused on small-scale purchases, but also to large retail chains, manufacturing enterprises and retailers. The surge in such activity was also facilitated by the adoption in the Russian Federation of the Law on Parallel Imports in the spring of 2022.

Advantages of wholesale purchases in China from the manufacturer

Most entrepreneurs want to cooperate directly with the manufacturer, but many large companies consider this option only for medium and large wholesale, which is far from always possible for novice businessmen or those who are just starting to explore new areas. They most often plan to search for a supplier of goods in China on specialized Internet sites. This is the most affordable option, but it also has its drawbacks, for example, many intermediary firms are represented on them, not all of them have a translation into Russian, prices are indicated only subject to the purchase of a certain amount of goods, restrictions on minimum lots and some others.
Buying in bulk from the manufacturer is the most profitable option, which, in addition to the best price, has a number of other advantages and possibilities:
  • To form optimal volumes of deliveries;
  • More accurate timing;
  • Order products with your logo or any original differences in design or functionality;
  • You can order the production of your own products at a factory in China;
  • The widest range of products.
One of the characteristic features of Chinese manufacturers is a very quick response to changes in market needs, and a reorientation to the production of more demanded goods. At present, suppliers of equipment, machine tools, spare parts and components are also interested in organizing the supply of their products to the Russian market.

How profitable to buy in China in bulk?

The organization of wholesale purchases in China has a number of features and risks, ranging from the likelihood of concluding an agreement with a one-day company or purchasing low-quality goods, and ending with problems with customs clearance, limits, the specifics of local legislation and a number of other nuances. Employees of the logistics company CargoBing will help solve all these problems on the most favorable terms and in the shortest possible time. Having an extensive own database of reliable and proven manufacturers of various types of goods, we provide assistance in finding a supplier in China, if necessary, we check its reliability and quality of products sold.
Logistics from China to Russia is another serious test for wholesalers, as suppliers of components, spare parts, accessories, clothing, footwear and other groups of goods do not deal with this issue. At the same time, it is quite difficult to calculate the delivery time for small wholesale consignments. This is especially true for cargo transportation by sea, road and railway transport. For seasonal goods, timing plays a very important role, so you need to immediately conclude an agreement with a large and proven gas transportation company.
In particular, CargoBing takes care of the purchase of cargo, and its temporary storage in its own warehouses, consolidation, marking, certification, execution of a full package of documents, financial transactions, customs clearance and delivery to the recipient. Such a wide range of services provided allows us to comprehensively solve the problems of wholesale purchases of goods in China and their delivery to Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok and any other city in Russia.

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