How to establish cooperation with Chinese factories?

First of all, you need to properly organize the search for a supplier in China...
Imports into Russia of various goods from China, in the current economic situation, is one of the most priority areas. But it is quite difficult to establish cooperation with Chinese factories on your own.
First of all, it is necessary to correctly organize the search for a supplier in China, and secondly, the solution of issues with customs clearance.
Thirdly, carrying out money transfers, fourthly, delivery of goods and other important points. If all these issues are resolved on their own, it will take a lot of time and finance. Another option is to contact CargoBing, a Chinese logistics company that has been carrying out cargo transportation and other logistics services in more than 50 countries for more than 7 years.

What should be considered when working with Chinese manufacturers?

Long-term cooperation with Chinese factories is ensured by stable supplies, as well as knowledge of the peculiarities of communication with entrepreneurs from the Middle Kingdom and national traditions. This is due to significant differences between Eastern culture and Western culture, other thinking and way of life. In China, a personal relationship is important, there is even such a thing as the development of guangxi (connections) with a perspective of 5 thousand years ahead.
The country is characterized by a cluster system of organization of production. If you need equipment suppliers, then you need to look for them in Shanghai and Ningbo, electronics - in Guangdong, Guangzhou, clothing, souvenirs, shoes and accessories in Yiwu, furniture in Foshan, lighting fixtures in Guzhen. It is convenient to search for suppliers of goods in China at regular international industrial exhibitions. This option is suitable for those who want to conclude long-term contracts and establish cooperation with Chinese manufacturers, as well as purchase technological innovations and exclusive products.

Negotiations with the Chinese side

When communicating with partners, you need to be polite and understandable as much as possible, and find out all the questions that arise to the smallest detail. It should be borne in mind that due to the special mentality, negotiations can last quite a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust it to an experienced manager who knows the nuances of this process. For example, CargoBing employees are well aware of the Chinese market and its specifics from the inside, they have established business ties with many manufacturers of various types of products. The involvement of such a specialist can significantly speed up the negotiation process, and conclude an agreement on more favorable terms.

Checking the supplier of goods in China

To find a reliable factory in China for long-term cooperation, you must definitely check it out. You can do this in the following ways:
  • On specialized Internet sites where reviews, ratings, etc. are posted;
  • Through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China, here you can find out data on the company's activities, since what year it has been operating, turnover volumes, whether arbitration has taken place, if so, on what issues;
  • Inspection of production - with the departure of the inspector at the location of the factory and personal acquaintance with the products being manufactured, its quality and production volumes.
CargoBing specialists provide assistance in finding a supplier in China and carry out a comprehensive check of it. This guarantees the reliability and timeliness of deliveries, as well as the corresponding product quality.

Collecting a large consignment of goods and checking it before shipment

This is another important point when working with Chinese factories. Often there are situations when suppliers of components, spare parts, equipment, children's toys or any other goods do not accept back products that are defective or do not meet the declared characteristics. You can avoid such situations by checking the consignment of goods before shipment. CargoBing has its own warehouses where you can collect and consolidate a large consignment of goods (often even from different suppliers), check, pack, label and other cargo handling work. The company's employees also organize the logistics of cargo across China and its delivery to Moscow, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and any other city in Russia.
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