How to arrange logistics with China while you are in Russian federation?

Every year, the volume of deliveries of products from China to Russia is only increasing, and anti-Russian sanctions from the United States and a number of European countries have forced business representatives to look for new partners in China, India and other countries that have not joined these sanctions.
The current situation in the Russian market requires its rapid reorientation to new suppliers and the establishment of logistics. First of all, this concerns cooperation with China.
An important role here is played by the correct organization of the process

of cargo transportation from China to Russia, since sometimes certain problems may arise. Therefore, it is best to contact trusted transport companies that have been working in this direction for more than a year.

Features of logistics between China and Russia

China's economy has grown rapidly in recent decades, and today the country is the largest producer and exporter of a large number of goods around the world. CargoBing is a large logistics company in China that provides freight transportation to more than 50 countries by all modes of transport. At the same time, the delivery of various types of products from China to Russia is an important area of ​​its activity. The company's employees are well aware of the peculiarities of the Chinese market from the inside, and also have established partnerships with many major manufacturers and reliable suppliers of industrial equipment, electronics, components, children's products, mobile devices, spare parts and agricultural machinery located in different parts of the country:
  • Beijing;
  • Wuxi;
  • Shanghai;
  • Dongguan;
  • Hong Kong
  • Chongqing;
  • Jiangsu;
  • Guangzhou and many others.
In order to establish proper logistics with China, while you are in Russia, you need to contact qualified specialists, for example, CargoBing, which has been successfully delivering almost all types of cargo to different continents for more than 6 years, including oversized, non-standard, heavy, liquid, bulk , gaseous, dangerous, urgent, prefabricated, perishable and especially valuable. The company has its branches in large industrial centers, as well as 45 thousand m2 of its own warehouses, equipped with everything necessary for receiving, processing, consolidating and temporary storage of various goods. In addition, the logistics company has its own fleet of trucks. All this allows us to solve the most complex and extraordinary tasks in the optimal time frame and with minimal financial costs.

What you need to consider when organizing the delivery of goods from China

Cooperation with Chinese partners has its own specifics and peculiarities. For example, you need to know in which region to look for a manufacturer or supplier of the desired type of product, if only in one city of Dongguan, today more than 60 thousand items of goods are produced by 15 thousand enterprises, and the GDP of Guangzhou, the country's largest commercial and industrial center, today can be compared with Argentina. At the Canton Fair, which is held 2 times a year, the largest deals are concluded, and the event itself is considered the 3rd largest in the world in terms of economic importance.
The second important point is that it is necessary to find really reliable suppliers and manufacturers in China who will regularly supply the necessary products, of the appropriate quality and in the right quantity. To do this, our employees conduct a thorough check of the manufacturer, as well as the products offered, for their compliance with the declared characteristics. And only after that, the conclusion of the contract and the delivery of the goods to the customer are organized, which, in case of special need, can be completed within 1 day.
The next moment requiring attention is cargo consolidation. Here one should take into account the fact that there are much more manufacturing enterprises in China than trading ones. Therefore, products are not stored in warehouses for a long time, and in order to gain the required volume for one purchase, sometimes you have to wait a certain time or purchase a similar product from different manufacturers. For this, consolidation warehouses are needed, which CargoBing has.
The company's employees (more than 870 highly qualified specialists) provide a full range of logistics services. This is done taking into account the nature of the cargo, the volume of the consignment, the required time frame, and the presence of special conditions. Depending on the above factors, they help you choose the appropriate mode of transportation (air, sea, rail, road), mode of transport and route. All this makes it possible to clearly coordinate the actions of all participants in the supply chain and reduce the cost of delivering goods from China, as well as reduce the time of the process itself.

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