How to find a supplier from China?

At present, due to the current political and economic situation, relations between Russian Federation and China have begun to develop even more actively.
Many Russian entrepreneurs have already managed to build a profitable business on goods purchased in the Celestial Empire.
Representatives of Russian business, who are reorienting their focus or expanding their areas of activity, wonder how and where it is best to search for a supplier in China.
You can do this yourself or entrust it to qualified specialists. One of the key activities of the Chinese logistics company CargoBing is precisely helping to find a supplier in China.

Where to find suppliers of components, equipment, electronics, spare parts or other products in China?

Currently, various groups of goods are being imported from the Celestial Empire to Russia. These are mainly industrial equipment, furniture, agricultural and construction equipment, cars, motorcycles, scooters, water transport, electronics, mobile devices, computer equipment, clothing, sports equipment, goods for tourism and recreation, and much more. Many industries are well developed in the country, but most large enterprises produce products that are aimed at buyers from Japan and the United States. Therefore, it is best to entrust the search for a reliable supplier to specialists who know the Chinese market from the inside and all the features of the interaction between the manufacturer and the buyer. This approach avoids additional links of intermediaries, but means buying products at the most favorable prices.
For large companies, one of the most optimal options for finding suppliers is to participate in annual international exhibitions, of which there are a lot of them in China. For example, who is interested in equipment suppliers can attend exhibitions in 2022 in such cities:
  • Beijing - "CBME 2022," "IGPE Expo 2022," "CF 2022";
  • Guangzhou - "LET China 2022";
  • Changsha - "CCEME Changsha 2022";
  • Chongqing - "Auto Chongqing 2022" and many others.
This is only a small part of the events that are held between the end of May and the beginning of summer. To visit them, you need to come with a solid delegation, settle in a hotel, resolve the issue with translators, and so on. It is much easier and cheaper to contact CargoBing and set a specific task. Employees of the company have been working in this area of ​ ​ activity for quite a long time and have established partnerships with many well-known Chinese manufacturers. This will help you find reliable suppliers in the shortest possible time and conclude an agreement with them on the most favorable terms, regardless of whether it is a one-time order or constant cooperation.

Benefits of sourcing from China with CargoBing

One of the activities of our company is the organization of cargo transportation from China to Russia. To optimize business processes, as well as increase the volume of supplies, the company's specialists provide a wide range of additional services. This includes searching and checking goods, storage and consolidation services for goods in their own storage complexes.

The search for suppliers of goods in China on its own is most often carried out remotely, through specialized Internet sites, or while in China. Both of these options have a number of important disadvantages. The first is the difficulty of checking the reliability of the company, not all sites have been translated into Russian. In the second case, it is quite costly from a financial point of view. In addition, in both cases, the first purchase is usually made a trial to check how everything will go. And this is also an additional waste of time.
By contacting CargoBing, you receive the entire range of turnkey services with a guarantee that the goods will be delivered on time, and all conditions will be strictly fulfilled. The scheme of work is as follows. For example, we need suppliers of spare parts, the customer sets a task for what equipment, what spare parts are needed, the number and frequency of deliveries, the desired prices within the "from and to" and some others. After the right option is found, all conditions are agreed between the parties, and the company employee checks the supplier. If everything is fine, then the purchase of products and its delivery to Russia is carried out. This option is as reliable, safe and profitable as possible.
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