What is parallel import from China?

The law on parallel import is signed by the Russian Federation President...

Russian government partially to lower loads of national economy and to reduce increase in prices for some goods adopted a number of
anti-sanction measures. One of the most significant was the legalization of "gray" imports.

What are these and the main features of "gray" imports to the Russian Federation

Parallel imports from China are a special scheme for the import into Russia of original goods manufactured in accordance with all norms and standards, by the manufacturer himself, but without official permission to supply from the owner of the trademark. This mechanism is most often used when certain groups of goods cannot be imported into the country due to restrictions and prohibitions.
  • In parallel imports, products imported into Russia undergo standard customs clearance and clearance procedures. The only difference is that you do not need to provide documentary permission from the owner of the trademark for the supply of goods. To date, the list of goods that can be delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation, according to this scheme, is 96 items, including:
  • Spare parts for aircraft;
  • Furniture;
  • Clothing;
  • Components;
  • Metals;
  • Explosives;
  • Electronics;
  • Cosmetics and more.
You will familiarize yourself with the full list of products that can be supplied within the framework of the adopted decree of the Russian government No. 506 and order No. 1532 (dated April 19, 2022) can be found on the official portal of Russian Federation legal information.

Does this mean counterfeit legalization?

Some entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that the essence of parallel imports is similar to counterfeiting. In fact, these are absolutely two different concepts. In the first case, we are talking about the supply of original products, which are manufactured in compliance with all technological standards and in accordance with the accepted standards by the manufacturer himself, and in the second case about a fake product produced in violation of intellectual property rights.

The definition of parallel imports was formulated in 2018 by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, which prohibited the seizure of original goods from circulation and destroy them if they are of the appropriate quality. At the same time, the actions of copyright holders supporting sanctions against the country may be considered unfair behavior. Counterfeiting (Contrafaction), translated from French means fake, and implies falsification of original products.

Prospects for using parallel imports from China to Russia

According to the Russian government, parallel imports in 2022 will provide an opportunity to provide the domestic market with quality goods in the required volume, and at the same time prevent a sharp increase in prices for them. It should be noted that the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation have seriously affected the sphere of cargo transportation, electronic commerce, as well as the ability to use the usual payment systems. China, today is the main supplier of many categories of goods to the Russian market, and their list is constantly growing. In the current situation, it is important for Russian entrepreneurs to find reliable suppliers of goods from China as quickly as possible, and to properly organize their delivery.
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